Wondrous websites and other film habits.

26 Mar

So you’re probably wondering what websites I use to enhance my experience of films and to discover yet more of those hidden away gems and the popular films that everyone needs to see (not everyone actually needs to see them).

So here is a rundown of the best film related websites I use almost daily to discover and learn as much as possible about those moving pictures, simply click the website name to be whisked away:

  • IMDB – The definitive film database packed full of trivia and useful nuggets of information. They pretty much have every film ever released so a good foundation to start from. Their ratings system is useful too, I rate every film I see which also allows me to keep count and remember what I have and have not seen.
  • iCheckMovies – A fantastic website to keep track of what films you have seen and discover the thousands you have yet to see. Uses lists to categorise films which is a great way to find more films to watch such as the IMDB Top 250, Empire 500…etc which will be discussed in details in a later post.
  • Empire – A brilliant website for an equally brilliant film magazine. The most popular film magazine in the UK and famous globally for it’s reviews, interviews, lists and latest film news.
  • ViewFilm – A neat website that lets you know when and what films are on TV in the UK, combine this with a recording device and hundreds of films are yours to watch.

These are the main sites I use to make film watching even more enjoyable and sometimes slightly more bearable.

Where do I watch all these films you ask?

Well: cinema trips, DVDs, Lovefilm, Sky Movies and TV via Viewfilm are the main formats I use.

I also highly recommend listening to the weekly BBC Radio film podcast. Just listening to it will make you a more interesting, knowledgable and funnier person (probably) as you are serenaded by the dulcet tones of film critic/wise film doctor Mark Kermode and host Simon Mayo.

Hopefully this post has given you and inside look into great film websites and well as my viewing habits and podcast choices, until next time.


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