Ghost Rider 2 – Review (Courier #2)

27 Mar

My first review for the Courier.

This fiery sequel rides in five years after 2007s Ghost Rider, a long time on the Hollywood timescale. This time, directing duo Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, of Crank fame, take the helm after the disappointment of Ghost Rider; to try and give the perhaps unwanted sequel a new  darker edge.

The plot, a predictable one at that, follows the volcanic Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) and his inner demon, the Ghost Rider, who are called back into action after hiding out in Eastern Europe. Moreau (Idris Elba) is the alcoholic, French priest who gives Blaze a mission to rescue a local Roma-Gypsy boy and his mother from the Devil’s (Ciaran Hinds) nefarious plans. It is your typical action film with added humour, plenty of pyrotechnics and an abundance of clichés. From Blaze/Ghost Rider’s one-liners to images of Ghost Rider’s urine as a flame-thrower, this film does have its funny moments as well as some explosive action scenes that are interlaced with original art segments.

The CGI is impressive with Blaze’s transformations into the Ghost Rider. His flaming skull looks as realistic as it can be, considering a man’s head is on fire. It seems most of the budget was piled into bringing the hellish Ghost Rider to life. However, the 3D aspect was unnecessary and it didn’t fit too well as it was done in post-production; seemingly tacked on to make a bit more green. Cage has a decent performance despite admitting in a promotional interview that he based it upon a tribal shaman, but along with his recent releases it could be suggested that he is still taking any offers.

VERDICT: An average action flick with more thought going into the CGI than the story. My strongest compliment is that it’s better than the first film, but that isn’t saying much.


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