I Watched… (#3)

27 Mar


Identity Thief (2013)

The first big American comedy of the year and yet after seeing it my high hopes lie tattered with this disappointing stab at a road trip comedy. The premise and basic idea is good – the film had a lot of potential and yet falls so far short of the mark and barely raises a chuckle throughout its thankfully short runtime.

I was annoyed at the very beginning of the film when Jason Bateman’s character gives away all his personal details away over the phone which sets the whole film in motion, who seriously would do this? It is the first of many contrivances that are scattered throughout the film. He then has his identity stolen as a result of his idiocy and instead of letting the police handle it he has to go to Florida to bring Melissa McCarthy’s character to justice and get his life back.

Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy are capable comedy actors yet neither of them can get this vehicle moving, probably because the ‘road trip with someone you wouldn’t spend 1 minute with’ idea has been done countless times before in greats such as Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Midnight Run. Even Due Date looks like a comedic masterpiece next to this unfunny ‘comedy’. Sure there are some mildly amusing moments in parts but the fizzling chemistry and tired jokes mean you should probably steer clear of this one; ‘Contrivance Thief’ is probably a more suitable name, maybe they can use it for a sequel.

If you find the fact that Melissa McCarthy is overweight hilarious then this film is for you, if not avoid and watch another road trip comedy such as Midnight Run, hey, maybe even Due Date



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