Oscars 2012 – Article Extract (Courier #1)

27 Mar

The earliest of my articles for the Newcastle University Student Newspaper – The Courier. Will be posting them all on this blog from oldest to newest. 

War Horse 

War Horse follows young Dorset lad Albert and his beloved horse Joey, from their peaceful home on a farm to the horror of the trenches abroad in WWI. This is a classic return to form for Spielberg, dripping with sentimentality along with beautiful cinematography and a sweeping score. Nostalgia and a historic tale of a courageous horse make this a solid Oscar contender.


Hugo neatly wraps up the history of film, George Melies at the helm, with the story of a young Parisian orphan who lives in a train station during the 1930s. Preserving film history and the wonders of early cinema are key messages within this film, and with 11 Oscar nominations this is a favourite, especially in the wake of Martin Scorsese’s Bafta award and first sucessful foray into 3-D.

The Artist

The Artist, set in 1920/30s Hollywood when the sign still read “Hollywoodland”, follows the rise and fall of a silent movie star and a young dancer with the coming of sound. Another nostalgic film of old Hollywood and cinema, as well as being one of few silent films released in the 21st century, it will dazzle at the Oscars.


More to follow…ordered by earliest to latest work.


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