Alternative Christmas Films – Top 5 (Courier #12)

28 Mar

5) Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christmas: what’s not to love! The anti-consumerist message rings true as two fathers fight it out for the ultimate Christmas toy for their sons. Silly but fun, this film is so bad it’s actually kind of good.

 4) Bad Santa

This film strips away all your childhood conceptions of Santa Claus, as Billy Bob Thornton takes the reins and is a very bad Santa. Involved in drinking, robbery and many more hedonistic misdemeanours, this particular Santa would definitely make it on to his own ‘naughty list’.

 3) A Nightmare Before Christmas

A typical Burton film with plenty of gothic themes and a pinch of Halloween thrown in too, even though it is about Christmas. Jack Skellington discovers Christmas Town but cannot comprehend the odd concept of it. The dark, shadow-filled Burton style goes against everything bright and festive and makes this a truly alternative Christmas film.

 2) Brazil

This odd film about a bureaucrat in an Orwellian and dystopian future is actually Christmas-related. The whole film is set in the festive period and takes swipes at commercialism; even Santa makes an appearance! A surreal masterpiece with Christmas, but not much cheer mixed in.

 1) Die Hard

A Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in LA, what could go wrong? Well in the eyes of NYPD officer John McClane, everything. A Christmas film without any presents, thanks to Alan Rickman’s plotting as notorious terrorist Hans Gruber. The perfect alternative Xmas film with plenty of ‘ho, ho, ho’s’ and machine gun fire.


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