Project X – Review (Courier #4)

28 Mar

The found-footage genre has become increasingly popular in recent years, and Project X is the latest film to have a crack at this experimental genre. Normally, only horror films have worked within the genre, but after the success of supernatural Chronicle and now comedy Project X; the low-budget found-footage genre is branching out to accommodate all types of films.

The film is Nima Nourizadeh’s directorial debut and he uses a trio of unknown actors (Mann, Cooper and Daniel-Brown) to play the three main characters: Thomas, Costa and JB. These three high-school seniors plan to throw a 17th birthday party for Thomas at his house, and his parents have conveniently left him home alone for the weekend. Costa and JB want to make the party bigger and better so use the internet, phones and even the radio to advertise the night, and Thomas’s ideal of a small house party gets smashed when thousands of people turn up and the party spirals out of control.

The film is certainly unique, funny and enjoyable but my main gripe is that the three main characters are pretty unlikeable and you barely get to know them before they get drunk, high and go crazy. However, if ever there was a film made for teenagers and students, this is it. With some great party scenes, insane stunts and a filming style that adds a lot of intimacy and realism. This is possibly the most epic house party ever, complete with an angry midget and even a flamethrower.

VERDICT: Documenting a wild, drink-drug fuelled house party and making you wish you were there. The humour is crude but if you are reading this you are probably a student, and this film was made for you!


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