Underrated Films – Top 5 (Courier #9)

28 Mar

5) Master and Commander

A nautically-themed tale starring Russell Crowe and directed by Peter Weir can only mean one thing: a fantastic and gripping film that is often overlooked. Released around the time that those films starring Captain Jack Sparrow started gaining worldwide plaudits means this gem slipped through the net.

4) The Town

With Argo just released and Ben Affleck on everybody’s mind, it is well worth checking out his earlier directorial efforts, most notably The Town. Set in Boston and with bank robberies aplenty, this film personifies gritty and boasts a fantastic cast including Jeremy Renner and Ben Affleck himself.

3) Rescue Dawn

Werner Herzog steps away from his recent love of documentary films and brings in Christian Bale to star in this Vietnam film based on a true story. A good story coupled with some brilliant acting makes this a worthy entry into the plethora of great, must-see Vietnam films.

2) Kung Fu Hustle

A blistering martial arts film with plenty of humour and craziness thrown in makes this a hectic yet brilliant film, whether a fan of martial arts or not. The final showdown fight is suitably epic and ridiculous in equal measure and involves some serious kung fu hustling.

 1) Inside Man

Starring the affable and ‘too cool for school’ Denzel Washington, Inside Man is definitely worth the watch, unlike some of his more recent films. This time Denzel plays a cop investigating a bank robbery. With more twists than a pretzel this a truly underrated film amidst his vast filmography.



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