Vampire Films – Top 5 (Courier #10)

28 Mar

 5) Nosferatu 

Released in 1922, this was one of the first vampire films ever made and is a classical masterpiece to boot. Though it was an unauthorised adaption of Bram Stoker’s book with Count Dracula renamed Count Orlok; this German silent was revolutionary and led the way for vampires on the silver screen.

4) Bram Stoker’s Dracula

This big budget blockbuster has a stellar cast including Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins and is directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Surely these are the foundations for a fantastic re-telling of the original 1897 book by Bram Stoker. The dark, gothic style complements the tale perfectly to create a great Hollywood adaption.

 3) Blade

In this film, vampires are the enemies and humans need Wesley Snipes as Blade to protect them. As a human-vampire hybrid and loosely based on the Marvel Comics character, Blade has the gadgets and style to kick vampire but and the visual style makes this a fun flick for everyone. Give part three a miss though.

 2) Dracula (1958)

The great Christopher Lee redefined Dracula in this Hammer Horror classic. His piercing bloodshot eyes haunted the audience then and now and he portrays Dracula brilliantly. Racked up with tension, plenty of suspense and an X rating upon its UK release, this is a great British take on the classic tale.

 1) Let The Right One In

A Scandinavian take on vampires, with the strange relationship between a young vampire and an awkward, loner boy during a cold and dark Swedish winter. This part horror, thriller and drama is one of the best foreign films of recent years and the vampirical theme makes this gem a must-watch!


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