I Watched… (#9)

5 Apr


Dirty Dancing (1987)

Dancing is cool and fun and for everyone! So says the message blared out by this globally popular  film, so loud that even the DVD box starts to boogie during the film’s memorable finale.

The simple story, where the main theme is love infused with dance music, is jazzed up by the fact that Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and ‘Baby’ (Jennifer Grey) are both parts of stereotypically diverse groups of society and it just ain’t right for them to be together after they meet at a summer camp in 1960s America. He is the muscular dance teacher and she is the rich girl out to change the world one twirl at a time.

The film has a lot of problems; the predictable plot with its stereotypical characters, along with their puddle-deep backstories are my main gripe. The film is also too cheesy, sure a good piece of cheese is good now and again but you either get swept away with it or you don’t and Dirty Dancing did not sweep me off my feet. Another annoyance was the seemingly one dimensional acting of Jennifer Grey, it seemed as if they went into a dance school and picked someone at random to hang off Swayze’s arm and cry on cue.

The musical, whimsical and plain fun ending just about makes up for a lot of these problems though and as a whole the film’s spark and musical numbers can make even the toughest frowns turn upside down.



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