I Watched… (#11)

7 Apr


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

The first Ace Ventura was just one of the comedy films that helped Jim Carrey become one of the biggest comedy stars of the 90s, but is it still funny?

Ace Ventura is, you guessed it, a Pet Detective and the big case in this film pertains to a missing dolphin who is mascot to the Miami Dolphins NFL team. Ace has to use all his animalistic characteristics and a few handfuls of craziness to help solve the case in time for the upcoming Superbowl.

The film is very silly, plain goofy even, as you sort of expect with Jim Carrey films but it is rather enjoyable. It isn’t hilarious but it has enough funny moments to keep you entertained, though some jokes do veer too close to sheer stupidity and puerility where Jim Carrey can tend to stray if not reined in.

I like Jim Carrey and have grown up with his memorable films and meticulously mischievous facial expressions where most of his humour derives from, I don’t really dislike any of his older films yet of course some are funnier than others. Both Ace Ventura films are enjoyable and funny but I will say that I prefer the African-themed sequel to this one; this particular Carrey escapade doesn’t quite fit into his top tier of films.



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