I Watched… (#12)

8 Apr


Evil Dead (2013)

Another year, another month and yet another remake. Can Evil Dead stand up toe-to-toe and lock chainsaws with the much beloved original trilogy?

The story is similar to the original and countless other films in the horror genre. Five friends head to a remote cabin where all hell breaks loose when one of them reads from the Book of the Dead and unleashes the demons within.

A remote cabin, check. A bunch of gormless friends, check. No way to escape, check. The same old horror formula repeats itself again, and unlike in 1981 when The Evil Dead was released, this formula is getting pretty tired after over 30 years. So the idea to spice up this remake was to add a lot of gore and downpours of blood (literally). The CGI is kept to a minimum in keeping with Sam Raimi’s original and the story is slightly altered but it is still hard to distinguish this remake from the countless of other horror films that release each year. The characters are all played by fairly unknown actors to add to the mystery and horror but this leads to the problem where all the characters are one-dimensional and the poor script means their backstories could be scrawled on a post-it note.

I will admit horror is not my favourite genre but I enjoyed and appreciated the first two Evil Dead films with its dark humour and originality. This remake doesn’t include the craziness and humour that made the original a cult hit; it will slide into anonymity as it is not unique or scary enough as a straight up horror film.

It isn’t bad, but it isn’t particularly good either; it’s just a fine and rather forgettable viewing experience. With films like Evil Dead you have to ask: is the remake warranted because it is just as good, or even better than the orignal? In this case the answer to the question is a resounding no.



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