I Watched… (#14)

10 Apr


What Lies Beneath (2000)

Robert Zemeckis takes on the mystery thriller and horror genres in the big-budget blockbuster, What Lies Beneath.

Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford) are happily married, contently living in their large lakeside house until things take a turn for the worse when their daughter heads off to university. Claire is left alone at home during the day and most evenings as scientist husband Norman works late, which gives her plenty of time to investigate the ghost haunting their house, or is she just going crazy?

The film is set up as, feels like and plays itself out as a summer blockbuster (which it is). This doesn’t always have to be a negative but in the case of this film, it is. Would this film be as popular if it did not have an A-List director and cast, probably not. It is quite tense and spooky as there is plenty of suspense throughout, but it feels too overdone and you can guess what surprise is coming up next as the film drags on.

By the time the credits finish, you have almost forgotten about this standard, generic and truly by-the-numbers thriller/horror. With such a great director and cast you surely expect so much more. Decent but utterly forgettable.



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