I Watched… (#16)

11 Apr


Spring Breakers (2012)

The much-talked about and hyped-up-to-the-max Spring Breakers hits UK shores right in the middle of the Easter holidays, or is that Spring Break?

The loose plot involves four college girls – played by Disney princesses Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, as well as Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine – as they rob a local store to raise enough cash to head south to Florida for, you guessed it, Spring Break! The holiday turns sour when they are arrested, but luckily (or unluckily) James Franco, as rapper/drugs dealer Alien, is there to bail them out; and then the memorable Spring Break they craved really begins.

You know what to expect with a film like Spring Breakers and it delivers in droves – gratuitous nudity, drug taking and pumping music help create a lurid and perhaps realistic view of a typical Spring Break in sunny Florida. The colours in the film are neon bright, from the girl’s bikinis (which it seems is all they ever wear) to the crazy parties, this rainbow style certainly adds to the film’s trippy feeling and general craziness.

Apart from the pretty colours, this film is trashy in all other aspects. The whole films feels like it could be a 3 minute music video and the world would be a better place for it. The story is just a vehicle to showcase teens going crazy and half the film seems to involve sex, drugs and rock n’ roll and not a good way. If the film is not meant to be pleasant and provide realism then what is the message to take from it all. The boring and predictable characters offer no hope, the one interesting character, the religious Faith (Selena Gomez), is driven off early in the film. There is no substance to the film, it is like one of the empty shells that are trampled underfoot by the hordes of spring breakers on the Florida beaches.

If only this was a short, crazy music video instead of a surprisingly boring film that is meant to be an unashamedly fun experience. There is style but no substance, definitely a bad trip.



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