I Watched… (#19)

15 Apr


The Island (2005)

A Michael Bay blockbuster that flopped back in 2005, has it matured and improved with age?

In a utopian facility, Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) is “best friends” with Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) as they live out their sterile and uniform lives after a ‘contamination’ has wiped out most of Earth. When Lincoln discovers something more sinister lurks behind the scenes and that the perfect Island they all dream of may not even exist, he knows he has to escape with Jordan to discover the truth.

This futuristic sci-fi has a good premise and starts of well, but as the film drags on (with its hefty 2 hour plus runtime) it seems to become less intelligent by the scene and plausibility alarms start setting off all over the place.
This is mainly because The Island is actually comprised of two films. “Two films in one, that sounds great!” said no one, except for director Michael Bay. The first part of the film is a mildly intelligent and intriguing sci-fi with aspects of the thriller and mystery genres blended together. The second part of the film is an all out action thrill ride, Bay’s preferred territory with plenty of opportunity for explosions.

We learn that the main characters, Lincoln and Jordan, are simply clones yet McGregor and Johansson follow that all the way with acting akin to clones of themselves, with all warmth and likeable characteristics removed.

This film starts real intelligent, then slowly becomes real dumb till the point of exasperation during the dull finale. If only this film just stuck trying to be one film, not two.



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