I Watched… (#21)

16 Apr


El Mariachi (1992)

Robert Rodriguez’s first feature film, and the beginning of the Mexico Trilogy, is all about a travelling mariachi in Mexico. This ‘El Mariachi’ (Carlos Gallardo) is mistaken for a brutal criminal wanted dead by the local gang, he must hide and lay low long enough for the whole mess to blow over; all set in the quiet desert town he unwittingly visits simply looking for a job.

Supposedly made for just $7,000 solely by Rodriguez and friends means this film certainly has a low-budget feel to it throughout. Yet the exciting plot, crazy camera angles and dulcet Spanish music draw you in tight and engross you to the point where the budget is completely immaterial as the film is so enjoyable.

The budget definitely hinders the film in some aspects with constant POV-camera shots and some dodgy deaths dragging you out of the Mexican experience. The plot is rather predictable at points and stereotypical, though as a whole the story is engaging and a solid set-up for the trilogy.

Mexicans, mariachis and muchos machine-guns; this is an exciting, edgy and memorable debut for Rodriguez.



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