I Watched… (#23)

16 Apr


Desperado (1995)

The second in Rodriguez’s Mexico Trilogy follows on a few years later from El Mariachi – with the mariachi (now played by Antonio Banderas) having become a mythical figure with his iconic guitar case always by his side. He is out to kill a local drug lord, Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida), who was partly responsible for the tragic events in the first film of the trilogy. Whilst in town he meets the gorgeous Carolina (Salma Hayek), a bookshop owner who can help him find Bucho and possibly become the ‘love of his life’.

This sequel brings with it a larger budget which allows for a strong cast, along with brief appearances by Steve Buscemi, Quentin Tarantino and Danny Trejo, and the abandonment of subtitles; it becomes more ‘Hollywood-ised’ in general – at the loss of the indie charm of El Mariachi.

However, as far as sequels go, this particular one manages to keep a lot of the excitement and there is a good enough story second time round to keep you entertained. There is chemistry between Banderas and Hayek and the sizzling Spanish-Mexican charm works to keep their characters fresh and interesting.

This sequel broadens its scope as it explores the myth of the man they call ‘El Mariachi’ – it is fun and nifty enough to entertain even with the mystery and charm of the the first film somewhat dissipated.



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