I Watched… (#25)

17 Apr


The Machinist (2004)

Christian Bale plays super-skinny Trevor Reznik, a blue-collar worker suffering insomnia in this gloomy thriller that explores haunting pasts and living nightmares.

The story’s focus is sharply trained on the sleepless Trevor, other characters such as hooker Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh) simply drift in and out of his disorientated, pointless life.
Bale lost 29kg to play the emaciated Trevor and delivers a good performance, however the film is wholly disappointing when all the other parts come together. The ending is signposted fairly early on and there is rarely excitement or suspense when required. The overbearing music doesn’t help, pushing you out rather than pulling you in – a feeling of disconnect pervades throughout.

I found myself thinking that I had seen similar films before, The Machinist retreads rather than clearing new paths.
Apart from Bale’s commitment and performance, it all feels rather thin. This film is a lot like its main character – a fragile skeleton and not much meat on the bone.



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