I Watched… (#26)

18 Apr


Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) 

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise don bouffant hairstyles in the film adaption of the famous book Interview with the Vampire – an epic story of love, betrayal and loneliness.

The film opens with vampire Louis (Pitt) telling his story to journalist Malloy (Christian Slater); he starts way back in the 1790s when he became a vampire thanks to Lestat (Cruise). What unfolds is a biographical tale of Louis’s long immortal life and with a supporting cast including Kirsten Dunst and Antonio Banderas, this adaption fascinates throughout.

Whilst Pitt and Cruise rather meander through the film, with numerous slight homoerotic undertones that are never really explored, it is the young 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst that really shines in the rather long-winded story. Turned into the vampire to become a daughter to Lestat and Louis, she is forever trapped in a girl’s body. All vampires are pale, yet she gives her sad character a bit of sparkle.

The make-up and visuals are stunning and bring the almost lifeless vampires to, well, life. Gothic splendour completes the authentic feel as you see the other side of vampires, their side of the story, where humans are just blood bags, disposable and unimportant.

An all-star cast can’t quite fill the big boots that this ambitious film demands and it certainly drags in parts. However, the intriguing story, sumptuous visuals and Dunst’s performance elevate this vampiric tale into an enjoyable journey into the darkness.



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