I Watched… (#29)

19 Apr


When Harry Met Sally… (1989)

In this classic and timeless romantic-comedy, outgoing Harry (Billy Crystal) and structured Sally (Meg Ryan) bump into each other often over several years; trying to work out whether a man and a woman can just be good friends in bustling New York is the question always on their lips as they both struggle to find real love.

Witty, charming and superbly written – When Harry Met Sally is a near-perfect rom-com and a beloved classic. The chemistry between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal holds the film together, between the memorable scenes and well-crafted humour, as they play out their ordinary lives from college students to a married couple.

Sweet-natured and almost peerless in the rom-com genre, one could watch this modern yet old-fashioned film with a Harry or a Sally or indeed anyone who’s name begins with A to Z.



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