I Watched… (#30)

20 Apr


Fatal Attraction (1987)

A relatable, and very real, nightmarish scenario comes to life as married man Dan’s (Michael Douglas) one-night-fling comes back to haunt him in the form of the obsessive, creepy and downright crazy Alex (Glenn Close).

Glenn Close is the real star of the show in this dark thriller, Oscar-nominated for her role as the mad lover who just cannot forget the one-night stand with the erroneous Dan. Stalking him and his family, along with violent tendencies, means Alex is one dangerous girl who will not just leave quietly.
Apart from the brilliant performance by Close and the solid enough story, the film does slip into the dreaded standard drama-thriller comfort zone, home of tired cliches and predictable behaviour.

The film does feel different enough, especially with its gender-reversal stalker scenario, to keep the pulse flowing but lacks a bigger psychological bite. The film has clear morals too: stick to your wife and family – oh and don’t bother with pet rabbits.



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