I Watched… (#33)

21 Apr


The Naked Gun (1988)

In this classic comedy that delves deep into spoof, satire and just plain silliness; Leslie Nielsen plays dim LA cop Frank Drebin, who is tasked with preventing an assassination on our very own Queen Elizabeth II, during her American tour.

Comedies have to deliver in the laughs department and the jokes certainly run thick and fast in The Naked Gun, which does just happen to be one of the funniest comedies of the jovial 1980s. Nielsen is the undisputed master of deadpan humour, he is the perfect funnel for the constant stream of jokes somehow squashed into this short film.
It does steadily run out of steam towards the baseball themed finale but the sheer number of jokes keeps the audience entertained right up until the credits.

The basic plot and characters require Nielsen to almost single-handedly hold the film up, however the bucketload of laughs throughout provide him with enough strength to deliver a memorable slapstick comedy.



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