I Watched… (#34)

21 Apr


Rambo (2008)

Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) returns yet again, this time it is Burmese soldiers on the wrong end of his knife after they kidnap a group of Christian aid workers. As expected, much bloody violence follows, compulsory when an armed Rambo is annoyed.

The fourth in the Rambo franchise is unexpectedly violent, even by standard of Stallone films, with lots of blood and horrific imagery including legs being blown off and children being shot and burnt. This is done to justify the brutal retaliation that Rambo and a group of mercenaries carry out on the Burmese soldiers, but it all feels rather forced.

Not intelligent by any means and with a rather grumpy and monosyllabic Rambo at the helm; it does certainly deliver in the action department with an inordinate body count to boot.



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