I Watched… (#35)

22 Apr


Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

John Cusack is a very hit-and-miss actor for me; in Grosse Pointe Blank he plays a good-hearted assassin heading back to his home town to complete a contract and attend his high school reunion – and the result is a spectacular misfire from all angles.

The fundamental problem is that Martin Q. Blank (Cusack) does not look like he could ever be an assassin, granted the film is supposedly a comedy (I can’t remember laughing), but his ruthless assassin alias needs to be believable to support the entire story arc.
The other characters include his old flame Debi (Minnie Driver) and rival assassin Grocer (Dan Aykroyd), both are equally annoying characters with cliched traits, and their forced humour leads to further disdain. The one good character, Alan Arkin’s Dr. Oatman, shamefully gets just mere minutes of screen time. A real shame indeed.

Even the funky 80s soundtrack cannot rescue this awful mess of a film along with its trite ending. This should be stored alongside 2012 in Cusack’s library of films, preferably in the section labeled “Avoid”.



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