I Watched… (#37)

23 Apr


Clear and Present Danger (1994)

CIA legend Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) returns to the fray yet again; this time he is caught up in an illegal war started by the US government in Uncle Sam’s backyard drug-centre, commonly known as Colombia.

Adapted from the Tom Clancy book of the same name; the good story is carried through to the film which manages to thrill throughout. Well executed action sequences punctuate an intriguing plot packed full of crosses, doubles grosses and plenty of gruff faces from Harrison Ford. His performance is not spectacular, but he does at one point stand up to the President (Donald Moffat) in an impressive scene – which an actor such as Ford can just about pull off with bravado.
The scenes in lush Colombia work well with the sprightly John Clark (Willem Dafoe) and contrast with the dark corridors of the White House where the secretive plans are hatched.

The film slightly unravels, and slips toward typical 1990s action fare, towards the end, but as a whole this is another Jack Ryan film which is a solid enough thriller and very enjoyable at times.



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