I Watched… (#38)

24 Apr


Heathers (1988)

In one of the brightest teen-comedies (the term no longer an oxymoron) to come out of the 1980s, a young Winona Ryder is the vivacious Veronica who, along with three other girls all named Heather, are part of the popular clique at an American high school. After Veronica meets J.D. (Christian Slater), the loosest of loose cannons, plans to abandon the clique are devised with the help of a spate of ‘suicides’. Soon after, Veronica’s life begins to quickly spiral out of control as J.D.’s rebellious nature keeps growing and growing.

As inventive as it is surreal, this a film that truly enjoys itself as much as the audience does, this creates an almost perfect blend of comedy and high school drama.
Ryder fits the character of Veronica perfectly in one of her best performances alongside the equally brilliant Slater, who hones his bad-boy image to perfection as the psychotic J.D. The ‘cool’ clique of the three Heathers and a Veronica works perfectly with real chemistry and their inspired coloured outfits; Veronica always wears blue, whilst the other Heathers trademark red, green and yellow each.
Unfortunately, the finale fizzles out compared to the bright start, as the film doesn’t quite deliver on it’s promises (though these do include blowing up a school) as well as perhaps going too dark at the expense of humour; though as a whole package the film certainly delivers in droves.

Deliciously dark and hilarious in equal measure, Heathers (80s slang and all) is a true gift. Memorable performances and black, black humour create a unique and unforgettable film, revitalising the tired high-school-based-comedy sub-genre in a way that could never be done today.



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