I Watched… (#44)

26 Apr


Hard Boiled (1992)

John Woo’s infamous action flick stars Chow Yun-Fat as ‘hard boiled’ Hong-Kong cop Tequila. He teams up with an undercover agent (Tony Leung), to take down a notorious arms dealer who killed his old partner.

The action, from the first minute to the last, is breathtaking and masterly done thanks to brilliant choreography and lots of guns, and then some. The story is engaging if simplistic and Yun-Fat gives a great performance as the hard-as-nails cop Tequila –  so tough he never needs to reload.
The finale does get a tad farcical, the highlight being a baby’s pee extinguishing a fire, but as a whole the film’s slick action – laced with slow-mo, freeze frames and bullets – creates a memorable ride through Hong-Kong’s tea rooms and hospitals.

Stylish action and great characters combine to great a whirlwind only John Woo could tame. Here Woo is at his best, before his move to Hollywood, and at a time when he was the master of unadulterated fun.



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