I Watched… (#45)

27 Apr


Say Anything (1989)

John Cusack plays high school graduate Lloyd Dobler, with a laudable boyish charm, in this romantic-comedy from popular director Cameron Crowe.

In the summer after graduation, perennial underachiever Lloyd falls in love with the bright Diane Court (Ione Skye); the ups and downs of a romantic relationship soon follow, even with time running out before university begins. Diane’s caring but overbearing father James (John Mahoney) brings his own problems to the table as Lloyd starts influencing ‘daddy’s little girl’ in this  charming suburban tale.

Genuinely sweet and funny, this film delivers a lot more than your average teen rom-com due to Crowe’s directing prowess as well as great performances by Cusack and Skye, whose polar-opposite characters share a wonderful chemistry.
The sub-plot involving Diane’s father and an IRS tax investigation feels rather unnecessary, as it drags on throughout the film and takes focus away from the two graduates’ summer of love. This, and a relatively weak soundtrack, create a stumbling block on the film’s path to greatness, which it doesn’t quite recover from.

Crowe delivers once again with another sweet-natured film that provides a good warm-up to his later (and better) work. Enjoyable but this production doesn’t quite graduate with honours.



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