I Watched… (#46)

27 Apr


For a Few Dollars More (1965)

The second part of Sergio Leone’s glorious Man With No Name spaghetti-western trilogy follows Clint Eastwood as the nameless bounty hunter – known as ‘Monco’ in this chapter of the trilogy – as he teams up with Colonel Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef) to track down a crazy outlaw, known as ‘El Indio’.

The sweeping landscapes and stunning cinematography set the tone for this truly beautiful and remarkable piece of cinema, a pure Western in all senses of the term. Strong characters, including Eastwood as Monco, who exudes coolness only a stubbled, cigar-smoking, poncho-wearing antihero can. Van Cleef provides a worthy partner, dressed in black and with more guns and gadgets than James Bond’s cowboy grandfather would ever have.
The soundtrack fits together like a jigsaw, perfected as usual by the brilliant Morricone, who Leone always worked with on his Westerns. The soundtrack alone is so substantial the film owes much of its greatness to Morricone.
The narrative winds and twists its way through the hot, dusty landscapes and sparks into life with memorable scenes and incredible gunplay from two of the sharpest bounty hunters in the wild west.

Richly detailed from start to finish, For a Few Dollars More is a worthy middle-part to a trilogy that established a sub-genre and created the foundation of Sergio Leone’s astonishing directing legacy.



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