I Watched… (#47)

28 Apr


End of Days (1999)

Arnie’s back and trying to cash in on the millenium fever that was sweeping the world back in 1999.
Ex-cop turned security guard Jericho Cane (Arnold Schwarzenegger) gets dragged into stopping Satan’s (Gabriel Byrne) nefarious plans. Having taken over a banker’s body in New York, who is trying to find a bride (Robin Tunney) and end the world. It is up to Jericho to stop Satan and save the world from the ‘end of days’.

A rather ridiculous premise provides shaky foundations from the get-go, yet despite this the film starts of quite well; interest rapidly wanes as the film drags on and becomes increasingly more ridiculous. Schwarzenegger’s acting doesn’t help the cause, his wooden and one-dimensional performance pulling you even further out of the experience. The ropey special-effects are the final nail in the coffin of this ridiculous religious thriller.

Being ridiculously dumb, a shame after a mildly promising start, condemns this thriller to movie hell; in good company with a few other broken Schwarzenegger vehicles.



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