Worst Superhero Films – Top 5 (Courier #21)

29 Apr

5) The Green Lantern


Ryan Reynolds as a superhero was always going to be a tough sell, and he never really quite fits into the tight green spandex of TheGreen Lantern. It isn’t awful but rather a fairly dismal adaption of the classic comics that left many fans bitterly disappointed.

4) Fantastic Four


Both Fantastic Four films are spectacularly un-fantastic but the first one is particularly poorly done with clumsy CGI, dodgy acting and only mild entertainment. It’s no wonder that Chris Evans ditched his ‘Human Torch’ alias to become Captain America, a wise getaway from a forgettable franchise.

3) Daredevil


Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Colin Farrell – a solid cast yet even they are incapable of lifting this film beyond mediocrity. The film unfortunately resembles the toxic waste that blinds Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, and with its main character blinded it is no wonder this superhero flick misfires.

2) Catwoman


There are many ways to butcher a comic book character and Catwoman does a pretty good job of it, with Halle Berry at the helm steering it into the rocks. Catwoman playing basketball and licking tuna cans are a few of the worst moments in this simply awful film.

1) Batman and Robin


The film that almost destroyed Batman on the silver screen seemed to get worse with each viewing. Until Nolan’s reboot of the franchise, this was the last Batman film at the cinemas and occupied a particularly painful place in every fan’s memory. Cheesy, ridiculous and stupid are some of the kinder words that can be used to describe this abomination.



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