I Watched… (#51)

2 May


Mystic River (2003)

Clint Eastwood, a man whose directing eye is as good as his acting talent, tackles a gritty Boston in a bleak film that revolves around 3 childhood friends who, now adults, each have their own personal problems. The death of Jimmy’s (Sean Penn) daughter reunites the trio, but these issues – including those of Dave (Tim Robbins) and Sean (Kevin Bacon) – rise to the surface and old incidents come out of the darkness.

Brilliant performances by the talented Penn and Robbins are highlights in this story-driven mystery drama that has a darkness flowing through it, yet rarely shows itself. The strong narrative and complex characters fit perfectly into a Boston setting that clearly inspired Ben Affleck’s directorial efforts. A few lighter scenes wouldn’t go amiss and the ending leaves a rather empty feeling; but Mystic River is certainly an evocative experience, safe in the experienced hands of Eastwood.

Oozing with darkness and malevolent feelings, this is so much more than your average crime-drama and will linger hauntingly as one of the darkest films in recent years.



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