21 & Over – Review (Courier #23)

13 May


As yet another ‘teen’ flick enters the cinemas – ‘teen’ signifying a film driven by teenagers and for teenagers, or even young adults such as university students – one must wonder how many more can be churned out by Hollywood.

The latest product comes from the writer’s of The Hangover, but unfortunately that is the only similarity between the two films. For one, 21 & Over is simply not funny and does not earn its stripes as a ‘comedy’. The story involves two friends, Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin), who visit their old buddy Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) on the night of his 21st birthday. Even though Jeff has an interview the next morning, he is pressured into going on a huge night out; bawdy behaviour and various hijinks ensue.

Right from the get-go, 21 & Over disappoints. The characters are stereotypical, unlikeable, annoying and share other negative characteristics with the plot – both are dumb and utterly devoid of charm. The witless execution continues throughout, with the film quickly descending into puerile antics and vulgarity; gratuitous, slow-motion shots of Jeff Chang being sick whilst riding a Bucking Bronco being a real ‘lowlight’.

The ill-judged mess that constitutes most of the film could have been partly forgotten, and even partially enjoyed, if there were at least a few funny gags buried within, but alas there are none to be found. A strong dose of humour was needed. Without any, the film struggles to get to its feet.

VERDICT: Immature and gross in all the wrong places, 21 & Over suffers from woeful unoriginality and is painfully unfunny to boot. Dreadful.



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