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The Tourist – Minute Review #2

29 Aug


The Tourist (2010) – 103m

Second Minute Review and will experiment with the hashtag-style review so 10 key positive/negative hashtags to summarise. 


#Hitchcockian #Zero-chemistry #Miscasting #Venice #CrimeCaper #Dull #Disappointing #HammyScript #CardboardCharacters #NotOffensivelyBad



Dredd – Minute Review #1

24 Aug


Dredd (2013) – 95m 

First Minute Review and runtime rounded up to 100 minutes, so 10 words. 


Stylish and action-packed; lacking substance and similar to ‘The Raid’.


Minute Reviews

23 Aug

First blog post in a while due to exams and travelling but the blog is back!

A new feature arrives too in the form of a new review format: Minute Review.
Minute in both senses of the word as it based on the films length (in minutes) and it is also minute in size.

If a film is 90 minutes long, then it gets a 9 word review. One word for each 10 minutes of glorious (or awful) cinema.
These short reviews will be quick to read and will give a general sense of what to expect from the film and a rating out of 10 will also be included.

An experiment with hashtag reviews might take place whereby each word of the review is a hashtag, so a film can be summarised in e.g. 9 different words if readers want to quickly know what to expect from a film and don’t have time to read a 500 word review full of sentences and other wordy nuances.

Look out soon for the first Minute Review.