I Watched… #54

10 Jan


Nebraska (2013)

Alexander Payne has already shown his talent as one of the modern greats with Election and Sideways, an auteur treading the line between mainstream and arthouse. His latest film, Nebraska, continues his witty, humorous screenplay style and his critiques of contemporary American society.

Gorgeously shot in a soft black and white with a tinted style that seems a shade away from allowing colour to seep into the picture. But colour would defeat the purpose and brilliance of Nebraska, which follows the aging Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) and his son David (Will Forte) as they make the trip to Nebraska to claim a marketing prize of one million dollars. This is a road-trip movie, much like Sideways, but the roads of Midwest America are long and bleak, illuminated by the bright lights of taverns that prove an irresistible call to the alcoholic Woody, played magnificently by Dern in this glorious and funny old-fashioned picture.



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